What are free television channels?

Free over the air (“OTA”) television broadcasts are those TV channels that can be obtained via the installation of an HDTV antenna. Free OTA television channels do not include those contracted channels that are only available through a subscription paid TV service such as those provided by cable or satellite companies.

The free OTA channels that are available in your area will vary based on the location of your residence. Please contact us to obtain an estimated signal check with related list of TV broadcasts that may be available in your area (please note that this is an estimation only of the signal that may be available at your location. The actual, available signal and corresponding TV channels will be determined upon the antenna installation at your home.)

Below is a an example only of the estimated signal and channel line-up that was available based on a specific address in Orange County, CA. The estimated signal and channel line-up that you will obtain will vary.


TV Stations Coverage

Signal Legends
Strong Signal
Moderate Signal
Weak Signal
No Signal
No Signal
CallsignNetworkVirtual ChannelBand
Strong SignalKBEHMTV TR3S63-1UHF
Strong SignalKTLACW5-1UHF
Strong SignalKTBNTBN40-1UHF
Strong SignalKVEANBC52-1UHF
Strong SignalKOCEPBS50-1UHF
Strong SignalKNBCNBC4-1UHF
Strong SignalKJLAIND57-1UHF
Strong SignalKCOPMYTV13-1Hi-V
Strong SignalKTTVFOX11-1Hi-V
Strong SignalKABCABC7-1Hi-V
Strong SignalKXLAIND44-1UHF
Strong SignalKCBSCBS2-1UHF
Strong SignalKDOCIND56-1UHF
Strong SignalKLCSPBS58-1UHF
Strong SignalKWHYNBC22-1UHF
Strong SignalKRCAIND62-1UHF
Strong SignalKCALIND9-1Hi-V
Strong SignalKSCIIND18-1UHF
Strong SignalKPXNION30-1UHF
Strong SignalKCETPBS28-1UHF