TV Mounting

Basic service includes the following (labor ONLY, parts NOT included):

  • Install TV Wall Mounting bracket and mount one TV; and
  • Connect basic audio and video components.

Additional costs apply for the following parts/services (specify on request if any of these items are needed for your installation):

  • TV Wall mounting brackets (Tilt ONLY & Full Motion);
  • HDMI Cables (specify approximated length and number of cables needed for your installation);
  • In-wall cord concealment;
  • External Cord masking (specify estimated length of area for your installation);
  • Soundbar mounting (specify brand/model of soundbar and if a soundbar mounting bracket is required);
  • Dismount of existing TV AND/OR Relocation to another area of home;
  • Universal remote set-up (specify brand/model of remote); and
  • Streaming device installation & set-up.


  • We do not mount any OLED TV's or any TV's over 65 inches in size. However, we can mount TV's up to 75 inch in size if customer can assist with lifting TV on date of service;
  • We do not mount on plaster, tile or stone facades, provide ceiling installations, or mount TV's on elevated areas;
  • We do not provide in-wall cord concealment for surfaces above a fireplace, or brick/stone or areas containing fire bricks/blocks;
  • We do not provide electrical outlet installation services, you would need to contact a licensed electrician to complete that aspect of the work first, prior to contacting us.

For QUOTES: Please provide the following information:

  1. Size of TV;
  2. Type of TV (LED/LCD, Plasma, or OLED) Note: We do not mount any OLED TV's;
  3. Type of surface TV will be mounted to (e.g. Drywall, Stucco) Note: We do not mount TV's to surfaces comprised of stone, plaster, or tile;
  4. Location where TV will be mounted (e.g. inside, outdoor, describe any special circumstances) Note: we do not provide ceiling installations or mount TV's to elevated areas that would require a ladder to reach it;
  5. What kind of mount (Tilt ONLY OR Full Motion) do you need provided? (provide brand/model of TV);
  6. Zip code or City;
  7. Additional items that can be added if needed:
    • In-wall cord concealment (please provide picture of area where TV will be mounted to quote) Note: we do not provide this service for surfaces above a fireplace, areas comprised of brick/stone, or areas containing fire bricks/blocks;
    • External cord masking;
    • Mount soundbar (specify if soundbar bracket is needed);
    • Dismount existing TV AND/OR Relocate TV to another area in home;
    • Universal/remote set-up;
    • Streaming device installation & set-up (specify device type);
    • HDMI cables.

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