Cell Booster

Cell Booster Antenna Service  – A  cell phone antenna signal booster amplifies the level of your existing cellular phone service at your home.

This service includes installation of a wired, cell phone antenna on the rooftop (eave/chimney) only or other exterior portion of customer’s home that can be safely accessed by the technician. The cell phone antenna can be connected to existing coaxial cable or a new coaxial cable can be run from the antenna to the booster (repeater) that will be placed inside your home.    The customer must purchase the appropriate cell phone antenna/booster that they deem appropriate for their needs, we do not provide cell phone antenna/boosters for installation.

Benefits of a cell phone antenna/booster installation:

  1. Better cell phone call reception/reduces dropped calls;
  2. Increases your cell phone data speeds (faster download/upload);
  3. Increases cell phone coverage area in home (no dead areas);
  4. Cord cutters – if you have an unlimited data plan, use your cell phone as your home Wi-Fi:)

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