Antenna TV

A high definition television antenna captures free television broadcasts that allow you to watch local, high definition quality television channels that are available in your area for free.



TV antenna installation service includes the following*:

  • One antenna that is tested and proven to work in your area (includes mounting hardware);
  • Mount antenna in attic OR rooftop (eave/chimney only) and run coaxial cable from antenna to your existing wiring;
  • Connect the antenna to your TV using the existing coaxial cable or junction area as applicable.

*Antenna installations include the connection of the antenna to one TV (additional cost applies to homes with multiple TV's) or junction area of homes for pre-wired homes (note: pre-wired homes have existing coaxial cable/outlets throughout their home). For pre-wired homes, the antenna is connected to the existing coaxial cable in your home (note: for pre-wired homes for which customer plans on using their existing cable or satellite TV services in conjunction with a TV antenna, please note that the antenna installation will include connection of the antenna to one TV only, additional cost will apply to connect more than one TV to the antenna). All TV’s that will be connected to the antenna must be fully functioning and be accessible to allow connection of the coaxial cable directly to the TV. The TV's in pre-wired homes must already be connected at the junction point and have functioning outlets and coaxial cables or an additional cost will apply. The appropriate antenna for your installation needs will be provided at the time of service for additional cost (we do not install customer provided antennas, unless it is an antenna that we have used before and is tested and proven to work in your location). The service does not include pre-wire amplifiers/splitters for multiple television households, installation/troubleshooting of additional cable lines/outlets, or DVR /DVR installation. In the event, the antenna cannot be installed for any reason, that is beyond our control, on the scheduled appointment date, or, if the customer is unable to make appointment (customer is not home on date/time of appointment) and does not cancel within 24 hours prior to appointment, a minimum service fee of $175 or more (depending on customer's location) will be assessed. Please be advised that in no cases will the antenna be installed in an area of your home that cannot be safely accessed by the technician. Technicians do not in any circumstance install antennas directly on the roof. Antennas may only be installed on the eave/chimney of roof or other exterior portion of your home deemed appropriate by technician. Antennas may also be installed in attics that have sufficient space for the antenna and technician can safely access that area of your home. Please be aware that metallic objects or surfaces such as that found in metal-based attic insulation, air conditioning ducts, metal roofing, and solar panels cause signal interference with antennas installed in the attic. In these cases, a rooftop antenna installation will be required. Customer's is responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of home including roof/attic to allow technician to safely access these areas of your home, we are not responsible for damage to home that results from lack of maintenance by owner/lessor/renter (Note: Customers must obtain requisite approval from their home owner's associations for outdoor antenna installations if applicable). Also, we do not install in any circumstances, large, mechanical antennas or extension poles. We are unable to guarantee the availability of any particular television channel, clarity, or corresponding signal level or content that are available at your home due to the sheer nature of antenna television which are maintained by broadcasting networks and their infrastructure in accordance with the FCC.

Conduct estimated signal check - Please contact us to obtain an estimated signal check to determine if you are a good candidate for an HDTV Antenna Installation (please note that this is an estimation only of the signal that may be available at your location. The actual, available signal will be determined upon the antenna installation at your location.)


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