Antenna selection

We only use high-quality antennas that have been tested and proven to work.   

The service technician will provide the appropriate antenna for your installation at the time of service.  Please note that there are a variety of antennas that are available to ensure that the customer obtains the best reception that is available at their location through the installation process.  For this reason, we carry several different kinds of antennas (including low-profile antennas) and use the antenna that will provide the best reception.

Note: Unfortunately, there is not one antenna that will work in all circumstances. Due to the additional time involved in the installation process that occurs when customer’s purchase their own antennas that are not appropriate for their installation needs or do not work, we do not install customer provided antennas, unless, they are one of the antennas that we use, and have been tested and proven to work.

Should you have any questions regarding an appropriate antenna for your installation needs, please contact us.