About Us

IMAGE_058 (2)Marvin Goodwin - Owner

Background - I served eight years in the United States Marine Corp as a Field Wireman. My Marine Corps telecommunications experience included digital telephone switching systems, computer networking, and repair. Following, my honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, I immediately began working with Cox Communications. As a Senior Field Service Technician with Cox Communications, I specialized in high speed internet, telephony, and high definition cable television. I also subcontracted for Comcast as a Field Service Technician and for Direct TV as a Satellite Installer. You may also be familiar with my previous services provided as owner of "The Cable Guy."

Interests - I have a passion for electronics and enjoy providing my knowledge and experience through my company. I spend the majority of my free time researching new technology. I find my work very fulfilling as it provides me the ability to do something that I really enjoy as well as helping people navigate new home theater innovations.

Email: Marvin@BetterWayToConnectTV.com

Josephine Goodwin - Co-Owner

Background - I also served four years in the United States Marine Corps as a Field Wireman. In addition to experience with switchboards and telephone equipment in the Marine Corps, I also was responsible for tracking and maintaining all equipment for our Communications Company. After my honorable discharge, I continued working in communications for a short time prior to continuing my career specializing in various legal-related administrative support roles for both small and large companies.

Interests – I enjoy learning about new cost cutting technology and advances in the areas of antenna, streaming services, and home theater.

Email: Josie@BetterWayToConnectTV.com